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core i7 950 OC problem


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(my system specs are below in my signature)


Now i dont know that is my i7 950 D0 is bad batch or i am doing something wrong in overclocking.my Overclock is 10 hours prime95 stable @ 3.7GHz and the settings i used in bios are.


23x multiplier

BCLK 161

DRAMFrequency 1614 MHz

UCLK 3227 MHz




CPU VTT 1.22

QPI 1.4

Dram volts 1.54


rest of everything is on AUTO and HT is also OFF /Turbo is also OFF

on these settings my i7 950 @ 3.7GHz is stable more then 10 hours in prime95 blend test and NO errors but when i try to overclock my cpu to 4 GHz its even not stable @ 1.33v


the settings i used for OC it to 4 GHz is same as above except Dram is running @ 1750 MHz and even its not stable if i run the ram @ 1450 MHz.even increasing / decresing Multi & Bclk is not stable @ 4ghz on 1.33v.so why my i7 950 requires such a high increase in CPUVTT from 3.7GHz to 4GHz.

3.7GHz stable on 1.22v while for 4GHz it take more then 1.33v.why is this?

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