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Bizzare onboard video problem

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Hey all. I just recently put together a machine for my grandfather with the following components:


ThermalTake LanBox Lite

Athlon 2 250


Crucial 2x2GB sticks

WD Caviar, 1TB

Sony Optiarc Black

Seasonic 500W Modular, M12II SS-500GM


The machine POST'ed the first time I plugged it in, but soon developed some very serious stability issues. The machine will work for a random amount of time (long enough to install drivers and the like) and then crash. The crashes look very strange (pics zipped and attached below). I looked at the bios settings and made sure that it was set up to use onboard video. The CPU temp is never over 40C also, and the system temp is a good 10C lower than that.


The screen gets really fuzzy and all inputs stop responding, mouse, keyboard etc won't work. I have to hold the power button to hard reset the machine. I posted this here because it feels like a video card issue, but as I have never built a machine that uses onboard video before, I'm a little stumped.


The way that this machine is crashing feels similar to a machine I overclocked years ago where the video would get all wonky and lock up if I set the video card clock speed too high.


Any thoughts?


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bump, those pictures are nuts, I want to know whats wrong. (my guess: bad mobo RMA needed).

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I know, I was really floored when it happened the first time.


Funny thing, I went over to Radio Shack the other day and bought a KVM switch so I could work on that machine and use my regular machine at the same time, and the problem is gone now. I've been downloading Widows patches, AV software, and doing general configuration stuff for an hour now on this machine and it hasn't freaked out yet. I'm guessing that something is going on with the PS/2 port on the mobo, but I'll have to plug in my old KB and verify that is indeed the problem.

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