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GTS 250 vs GTX 260

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im really leanin towards the 275. i dont really want a ati card, nothing against them just had some bad luck with them. soo does a 275 outperform a 280?

nope the 280 has the same shader count but more memory and a higher memory bandwidth


280 outperforms the 275, not by a hole bunch but if you can afford it I would say do it. Generally speaking with nvidia the bigger the number the more performance and more cash you will have to dish out for it. I can't suggest anything more powerful than a 280 because of your resolutions.

and the price jump above the 280 is unjustifiable at that resolution


The refresh rate of the screen doesn't change much...it's not like he's doing stereo vision or anything.

I thought that he'd have a more fluid experience in general if he could play with more than 60fps??


In a nutshell, the 280 sounds like the winner here (hopefully they still have that SSC evga 280 for $195 on ebay for ya)

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