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Official Automotive Photography thread

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what? A tree fell on it???? More please! Nice shots by the way! Looking real nice!

I got it just the way I liked it, new paint, new interior, a cam and pistons in the engine then it happened. It was a stormy day so I took my bronco to to work and I came home and the top was in the seat, all the glass was blown out, the drivers door was caved in along with the rear fender and to top it all off the windshield was touching the steering wheel. No pictures of it in death though if that's what you wanted. I did take it out to do some donuts before the insurance company took it back :D . I think I have some more pics of it but I will have to find them.


Alright I found my favorite one I took but the rest are more of the same really, if there is ever a nice day I'll take some of my dad's pickup.


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