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overclocking 9750 troubles :(


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hi i have a phenom 9750 im trying to oc and im pretty stupid about this so dont be harsh :)

so what ive figured out so far is my rams probly junk as far as gaming/ocing goes

but i dont need a mass cpu oc just a bit of a boost would be nice

heres what i have stable so far


2643 core speed x12 multi(locked) with 1.3 volts

220 bus speed

1762 ht link which is a little below default, auto chipset voltage

1982 north bridge frequency, auto chipset voltage

440mhz 5-5-5-18 clock pc 6400 ram auto voltage


i cant get any higher than this i know my ram is clocked to high.. but i dont wont it to be below 400 ither.. so ive tried dropping it down to 333 and ocing back up to 400 with bus speed but that doesnt work ither.. my computer will still crash

as far as i know the ht link and nb freqs are ok where they are at as long as ht doesnt go above 2000 im unsure of how to change my nb freq in my bios but correct me if im wrong i think it can go up to 2400 mhz safely, but maybe not on my mobo


i dont know if i need to up chipset voltage or ram voltage, and if i did id have no clue what to up them to so any advice is welcomed thanks!


oh my system specs are

xfx 8200 mobo

4870 xfx ati video card

9750 phenom

centon pc6400 800 mhz ram 5-5-5-18

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