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Speedfan/Gigabyte Motherboard Users


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hey all..... just trying to dial in speedfan a little bit better and want to label/organize the program but i am having a tough time figuring out what this means:


i have searched everywhere and cannot find how to distinguish my temp 1, temp 2, temp 3 readings.......i have these as well as a seperate AMD K10 temperature as well which i have renamed to what i want and so on... my question is, how can i go about figuring out EXACTLY what each of the other 3 temps speedfan is showing me are????


for examples sake right now it looks something like this:


(renamed AMD K10 to AMD PII 550 B.E.)


AMD PII 550 B.E.: 31 degrees

Temp 1: 40

Temp 2: 44

Temp 3: 44


these results are after browsing online for the last half hour or so...... if that helps anything


any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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ok....clicked the link, downloaded that program but i have vista...... it says i am running xp/2000/ME...... do i go ahead or no?


and in the mean time...... i downloaded everest before i seen your post, tried to use that to figure out which fan was which, and which temperature was which...... so i have been checking it out and what i need to know is which CPU temp should i be most concerned with?????


this is all in speedfan by the way:


i have the AMD K10 and my temp 1, temp 2, temp 3


when comparing to the temps everest gave me i concluded that:


amd k10 is some sort of CPU temp (currently @ 32)


temp 1 seems to match everests motherboard temp (currently @ 40)


temp 2 seems to match everests CPU temperature reading (currently @ 45)


temp 3 seems to match everests is the same as temp 2 almost all the time


maybe i am overthinking this, but what temperature should i be concerned with????? in terms of overclocking my CPU speedfan gives me the AMD K10 sensor as 32, and if temp 2 and temp 3 are CPU temps as well which one is the one i should be monitoring/overclocking by?


maybe its just me but for the cooler i have i am shocked that i am @ 44 idle..... now i am worried


please help

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