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Hey guys, well after 3-4 years of faithful service my linksys wrt54g is starting to become a major pain in the you know what. Every day know i have to reset 2-3 times and it signs my ps3 out and my iphone just quits getting internet connection. The hardwired desktops still work fine. I don't know whats wrong but i figure its shot since routers seem to be very fragile these days. Anyway i think i need a new router but i have no idea what to get. My main things are that its reliable with multiple connections and on the cheaper side my whole house is setup for g so i'm fine with g but if somoene can find a good n cheap ill sure use that too.


i also have another issue and this ones a little complicated. I live out in the countryside and my neighbors are able to get dsl. I can't for some reason and verizon refuses to come over and look at it even though were neighbors. So recently i set up a long long wifi connection from his place to mine its about half a mile. The way its set up is from his modem to a wrt54gl that i bought and setup. then at my house i have an outdoor antenna and ran that cable through the side of my house to my desktop. my problem is that it was this wifi kit and at the other end of the coax cable is this cheepy junk usb wifi adapter That plugs into a lapotp that i have sharing the network connection back to my router at my house. it works fine for average browsing and downloading but when i play a game online every 20 seconds or soo i lag bad for 1-2 seconds. This didn't use to happen before when i used another usb wifi adapter that i stuck in a strainer to make a little sattelite dish. so i'm pretty sure this junky usb adapter is causing my issues. my problem is i tried plugging the coax into my wireless pci card and it screwed right on but the pc gets no signal from the antenna and i don't know what pci card will work or what....


any help appreciated

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