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can i play COD5 without steam even though i get it with steam


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I can understand not wanting to use steam because you are already using xfire but really it is a good thing, I haven't found anything in it yet that actually bothers me except for the support system where they seem to have a single program designed to answer all your questions.


Edit: Now that I think about it, I have experienced steam disconnecting out of the blue and for no reason in the past, it hasn't done it to me for some time though.

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I love STEAM for:


Counter-Strike: Source & Left 4 Dead support.

STEAM Cloud - Syncs your game settings across different PC's (binds, mouse sensitivity, can take half an hour to configure).

No need for DVD's, unlimited amounts of installations, buy from home.

Fast download speeds, generally around 1mbps.

Friends network & STEAM community.


Those weekend 75% off deals on good games.

Consistent patches.


I hate STEAM for:

Support methods.




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