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3Rd HD isn't being seen!!! (IDE)

Assassin X

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Argh... I keep forgetting you have to go through disk management to activate and all that crap. I never remember having to do this years ago with XP. Must be a relatively newer thing.


So yes I got it to work now. Feel free to delete this topic!

---END EDIT---


Ok thought I understood Harddrives but I guess I don't, not at least when it comes to installing a third.


First off heres what I got:

-2 DVD Writers that use IDE cables

-2 hard Drives that use IDE cables (1 master, 1 slave on a single cable)

-1 added IDE card with 2 slots (not being use right now, but does work)


So I added put my third hard drive in and set it to Slave and added a IDE cable to it from the IDE card to the HD and plugged the Slave end of it into the HD. But the computer doesn't see it! I even tried the Secondary Slave setting thing and nothing works.


Can you not install a third IDE hard drive?!? I have no way to return it btw since its been more then 30 days. Thx for any help.

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