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I made a thread awhile back about modding consoles (not necessarily firmware/software but physical appearance mods) and I was talking about how I wanted to mod my PS2 further. (I only painted it blue and added a window if you remember)


I figured with the Wii, PS3 and 360 out now there are probably a lot of cool mods about.


Whats new in console modding?



I've seen a lot of Wii mods (seems like its popular to shove into different things; Who doesn't want to shove their wii into anything they can?).

I haven't seen anything spectacular be done with PS3.


360 nothing there really either, that Lian Li box is kickass though.

I realize the 360 is setup fairly closely to a computer setup but you'd think that Lian Li (or any other company) would make a PS3 case as well.




The news article about the rumoured PS3 slim was what got me thinking about this...

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Wii: Backups and EMUs (just about all of them) using softmod

PS3: homebrew games and iffy EMUs, no backups, Sony supports homebrew

Xbox360: homebrew still in the works, only Backups using Firmware flashing dvdrom.


other than switching the case and LED lighting you can't do much unless its on the wii.

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Turning consoles into a portable laptop.


Clear/windowed case with a "topless" dvd drive (removed external cover). Some case lighting to bring it out.


Some cool wicked steampunk case mod.


This is a PC, not a console.


Led lit controller buttons http://www.gamermodz.com/





Wall-E Wii :P


Some laser etching or laser cutting.




http://www.xcm.cc/xcm_360_hot_rock_case.htm (Temp reading screen on 360)


As for PS3's I really haven't seen any case mods where anyone has opened it. The only 2-3 PS3 case mods I've seen are just external.

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