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Aiiight peoples. I'm still looking around trying to help my friend put together a nice box. I gotz just one more question about this. If you had 1800$ to spend on a BoX only, what would you get in it? Heres what he wants.....



40x12x40 cd/rw

80gig 7200rpm 8mb hd

Top of the Line SoundCard

16x dvd player

Cordless Keyboard & Mouse

1gig of some fast . memory

400watt PowerSupply

MotherBoard w/ lots of features & overclocking potential

p4 2.0 ghz or faster

and a decent case


He will be overclocking so he wants a HardDrive cooler, memory cooling, and something like an ORB for his chip


Don't worry about the video card cause he's gonna get a GeForce4 ti4200. If you have any suggestions on any of those other parts please let a bastard know.



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$1800 is alot!!! For the sound card, I'd suggest an audigy platinum ex (not the normal platinum) because its external and makes life a whole lot easier and more organised or a hercules game theater xp. I'd have to say go with either logitech or microsoft for the cordless keyboard and mouse. If you want great prices on stuff go here:




They are AWESOME!!!! I'd HIGHLY reccommend them to anyone!!!

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