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Help with a watercooling setup.

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Stay away from the Micro Res they have a cracking issue. Also wait for the right pump like Verran said or go with the MCP355 which is a pretty decent pump as well.

I like the D5 Vario or the MCP655


Possibly but I would never want to take that gamble. BTW the cracks happened at the same place with all of the people that I have hear from. "Everyone over tightening the same screw???? Hmmmmm :)


If you overtighten the mounting screws and or put the correct amount of washers in place on the screw I can see it cracking. Mine are tightened hand tight and I have no problem with the one in the wife's rig. A little care goes a long way

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The D5 is great and the variable D5 at it's highest setting is a tad better than the D5 without. Basically the non-variable D5 runs one notch slower than the D5 at it's highest setting. The MPC355 is a good pump as well. Either one would be better than the pump the OP posted to in the first post.


As for the res, don't over tighten the barbs and don't clean it with alcohol. That will eliminate 99% of the chance of it cracking. Personally, I chose to go without a res and just use a t-line to fill. Bleeding really doesn't take THAT long. And I like the bubble noise it makes while it bleeds anyway. :)

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