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New Mechwarrior?

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I hope this helps the entire BattleTech Franchise as a whole.


While we are at it, Mektek is releasing MechWarrior 4 for free.


And MechWarrior ivinglegends is coming out soon.

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All tao said was the he hopes they don't make sacrifices for the console. No matter how early on in development a game is, I think all us PC gamers wish for that same thing. heh


Aye, but there are probably a good number of console fans thinking "gee, I hope they don't complicate things for the benefit of PC gamers" ... lol :) In my opinion, there should be no need for sacrifices at all to be honest. Perhaps there would be a desire for better skins and textures for PC users, but consoles have managed to do a reasonable job of handling control functionality of PC games (even if I find it awkward as a traditional PC gamer at times!).

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