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Microsoft Erased Memories...


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Before today, I disliked Microsoft... there was no question to that.


However, today they managed to piss me off beyond anything you could imigine.


I was catching up on the news today, when I came across this article over at CNet news.


Almost five years ago (Nov 21, 1997), I went out on my first date with my now fiance... Arround that time, I created a hotmail account. This account is what she and I used for over a year to communicate with.... There are many reasons this was done, and it worked quite well.


Every email that she sent to me was kept there, and a few important emails that I sent to her was kept it the "sent items" folder.... For the past five years, we have been able to go back and read many of the messages that we had sent to each other... This may sound corny, or stupid to some people, and maybe it is, however it always helped us out whenever we had problems amung us...


I hadn't even finished reading the CNet article when I jumped over to hotmail to check that account... when I logged in, every sent message that I had saved for whatever reason was gone.... all of them.


Microsoft without any prior warning. Without any notice what-so-ever, took it upon themselves to delete my email. My messages. My memories. Why? They took it upon themselves to do this so that more people would decide to switch over to the paid hotmail service. They deleted some of MY MOST FOND MOMENTS so they could maybe make an extra $20.00, or whatever the fee is.


How in the heck is this supose to make me want to continue to use their service?


They ares gone now, and there is no chance that I'll ever get to read those messages again... ever.


I hope that no one else out there lost anything like I did in this situation...


To Microsoft, William Gates III, and those involved with this brilliant scheme, I hope someone takes something away from you.... something valuable, something important.



:: d3bruts1d ::

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I am sorry d3bruts1d..


My GF had the same problem and she is pissed and writing a few complaints to MS..


I dont think its going to help much..


cuz they prolly dont give a fux..


but you are not the only one..

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