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16 More Or 17 Enough?

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as i have said before i am trying to cram as many fans into a case as possible... right now i have 18 (not including 2 fans one for each vid card, my sys fan, my Volcano 7, and my ps fan) 17 out of 18 are 80MM then 1 120 MM, i can fit 16 more quite easily, but should I? Ive modded out an old crAPPLE IIe power supply to just supply power to my fans as for most people know one just isnt enough... should i go through with it? should i add more fans? or should i not waste the time? money is not an issue i have over 100 fans ranging from 40, 60, 80, 90, 92 and 120MM mostly 92 and 80MM though, and i have plenty of powersupplys, should i do it? whats the most fans anyone has seen in a computer, im going for a good long standing record i think, but should i do it?

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