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confused in ddr2 ram ?

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i have q6600 G0 cpu and OCZ SLI-Ready 4GB Kit DDR2 PC2-6400 memory and asus p5n-t motherboard.i wana change my q6600 to q9650 and then overclock it to 4ghz.so my question is do i have to buy better ram which can go for higher fsb or can i overclock my curent ocz ddr2 800 ram?or do i have to go for PC2-8.500 ddr2 ram so that i shall overclock my new q9650 @ 4ghz on air.my specs are..


[email protected]

zalman 9700led

ocz sli ready ddr2-00 ram

asus p5n-t board

xfx gtx260 core 216 tri SLI

corsair tx-850 psu


and i want to change these things


from q6600 to q9650

zalman 9700 led to coolermaster v8

asus p5n-t i think is ok.....

and i am confussed in ram ????


if i have to buy PC2-8.500 ram so which one shall i buy then...?i mean kingston,corsair, ocz reaper,Mushkin xp2 etc,etc.


please help me.....

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