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Help gpu noob with crossfire

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Hello OCC! =D


I am planning to do somekind of CF assembly. I have chosen ASRock's M3A790GXH/128M motherboard but this site disturbes me:




Somekind of list of ATI's gpu's and titled with CrossFire Support List. Have I misunderstood something or is that something else I see it as. I would love to have two 4770's in CF but it's not on the list.


I hope you understood my problem and can give somekind of advice. And sorry for my bad english =)


Thanks guys!

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The 4770 is brand new, my guess is they have not updated the list thats why its not there. If your board support crossfire then it will support 2x 4770 in crossfire without any worries!


Thank you so much! =D

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