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I think i broke my onboard sound!


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Well my front panel connectors never worked since i got my new case.On the picture at the bottom left is where the plugs for the front panel were on my old case the yellow headers.. I reconnected the connector from my new case and they didnt work. However today i tried to plug them into another slot that fits on my motherboard Labeled HD audio. (to the right of the yellow headers, it fitted the connection so i tried it.

I booted up and got a beep and a message saying no output devices installed however there were still my speakers connected at the back of the pc. Anyway I plugged in the headphone plug to the front of my case heard a pop or a spark sound and my pc shut down. i removed the cable to the motherboard headers from the front of my case. When i rebooted i now get the no output devices installed message and now my speakers dont even work!


Any thoughts would be great!





The mother board audio is Audio CODEC: ALC888S


Also when i try to open realtak audio manager it wont open.



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The motherboard

Thanks for the idea but his was originally from a HP Compaq, and its now in a new case, had more ram added, new processor, etc, i dont think my warranty would cover it. Thanks for the idea though.

Also it USED to work in my old case

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