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Xbox 360 Arcade & Pro | Locate Jasper motherboard

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After some research, I read that the latest Xbox 360 Arcade models have the latest Jasper based motherboards with 65nm CPU & GPU. Per my research, this new Jasper model runs cooler and in turn is more reliable. If I am not mistaken, those models with manufacturing dates of November 2008 or later & power supplies rated at 12.1A on 12 Volt lines contain Jasper motherboards. Is this correct? I have not seen any Xbox 360 Pro systems with later manufacturing dates. If this is the case, I may purchase a 360 Arcade and hard drive separately.


Jasper example:


MFR Date 2008-11-07

(Shown in lower left-hand of box) PSU: 150W 12,1A 12V


Lot NO: 0845X



Falcon example:

July 2008

PSU: 175W 14,2A 12V


Anyone utilizing a 7200 RPM hard drive with the Xbox 360? If so, is there any performance difference compared to 5400 RPM?

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