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All in One HTPC

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So, I wanted a HTPC so I could use it as a variety of things. They are:


TV receiver/recorder (to replace my Dish PVR)

NAS(to replace my NSLU+Hard drives)

DVD/BD Player(obvious what this replaces...)

Amplifier(for my 5.1 Surround sound speakers, could this replace an amplifier assuming a sound card is present?)

Gaming(To replace my Wii perhaps, I have a better system for hardcore gaming)


I was thinking about this build:


Cheap Intel CPU+ Mobo = about $100

Case+PSU= about $50

BD Drive+ Big HD=about $200


Sound card=$60

TV Tuner=$100

Nvidia 6200=$0(I have a spare one)

This totals up to about $535, right?


What about OS? I was thinking about XP MCE, but Vista Home Premium has MCE inherent in it, so I think I'll use that.


Am I Missing something? Will an HTPC be able to handle everything above?

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yes but to fit all those then you'll need a tad bit better hard ware...faster CPU...faster hard drive...better video card and then use XP...


XP plays back better video and uses less resources doing so but gaming may like Vista/Win7 better...it's going to be a trade off...

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Why would I need better hardware than what I have. The current system is better than a Wii, and the most I would use it for would be Rise of Nations/Civ IV. And I'll probably use my i7 with a GTX 260 for that too. Gaming Hardware isn't the concern.


I'm going to say that my hardware is not the limitation. At least not the CPU or HD. The GPU I just realized is not HDCP Compliant, but I do have an 8400 lying around, and it is HDCP+, so Honesty, I am unsure why this system couldn't play simple video 24/7. The CPU certainly won't be overloaded, because I won't be watching blu-ray all day long. Maybe once in a while.


In fact, I was thinking my hardware is too powerful for what I want to do. an E2200 can take on all these tasks like a champ. I was considering dropping to a $60 TV Tuner and no sound card, because my mobo/CPU can handle it more than properly themselves. Where would the CPU be a problem? I can't imagine that I'm doing anything too CPU-intensive.

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i built exactly what your looking for. check my sig for my htpc build. the question i have is how many drives will you need? im using the silverstone htpc case. if your using longer cards, youll have to move the center drive cage over behind the PSU so they will fit, otherwise you can stack as many drives in there you want. im using an HD4650 card, and my SB x-fi platinum card. i could run that and a pair of hd4830's easy but if i ran 4850's or 70's id have to pull out the center drive cage. easy as its about the easiest case to work on ive ever used. you could mod the center cage to mount a drive vertically and provide clearance for a single big card if you like.

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