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Perfect case for a small build?

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Hey guys, basically I need case recommendations for something small and compact. I'm used to mid and full towers so I have little clue what's decent in this form factor.


Just some background info and requirements:


matx board for socket 775 probably with AC7 low profile cooler [going to be used as a work desktop]

space for at least 1 hard drive preferably 3.5" but 2 would be a bonus

1 optical drive bay, full height or slimline not a huge issue

going to be using onboard graphics for the time being but possibly adding a dedicated card at a later date if required

something with decent cooling would be a benefit but doesn't need anything fancy beyond the standard power, usb, audio, etc

included PSU is not necessarily a requirement as I could get a 400W corsair or similar but if it comes with a decent 300W +/- PSU then thats fine


Appreciated any advice ;-)

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Well I don't know where you live but I like to go to Fry's Electronics and look around

at their cases to get an idea.

There is nothing like seeing it rather then just pictures.

newegg has a wide range of cases I will find one I like there and then Google the model

for web reviews.

You did not mention price range so here's a cheap one and a good one




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X-QPack II Aluminum Mini


Cyber Power PC has a couple of build you can do with them and the sound impressive @ http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/LAN_Party_Xtreme

Will fit a powerful dual slot graphics card, unfortunately their is absolutely no room for a big heat sink.

They actually sell these with i7s. Hope I helped

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