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Vista 64 install failing?


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I had my computer out of commison for awhile and decided to bring it back to life. I removed all the watercooling gear and have gone back to air for now until budget allows WCing again. Im now at the stage where im trying to reinstall windows with a clean slate. im using a 64 bit OEM vista ultimate disc. i had a generic maxtor 500gb sata drive as my OS drive before and ive since added a 150gb WD raptor drive. i want to put the OS on the raptor drive. i know all about the issue with only being able to use one stick of ram to install vista 64. (hence why im using 2gb instead of 4)


here is the issue. no matter what how many times i tell it to boot from cd, go the thru the process of formatting both drives in the system and copying files it fails in some way shape or another. usually at the point where it says step 2 unpacking files. or it will freeze when it restarts and i get the black screen with the lil green vista bar going back and forth to load the OS and it stops there. OR it gives me an IRQ conflict.


i went into bios and disabled my floppy drive since i have none to try and free up an IRQ thinking that would fix it. still a nogo

i have also removed all my OCs im running my ram at stock voltage and timings.


what are your suggestions

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got it to install. removed stick of ram, loaded all bios defaults everything is fine.



go to put in the 2nd stick of ram - BAM BSOD - what the heck microshaft


Maybe the stick of ram is bad?


Replace the one you have now with the second one.

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