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Any means to find out the Power supply ?

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hey guys i am gonna buy a 9600GT which eats about 95W. So i just wanted to find out, is there any way to find out the available power supply and curently in use power ??

or will i have to manually look into my CPU case and find out ? :glare:

i am new to all this video cards although i have brought over 3 cards till now but i didnt ever bothered to check the power requirements.

Anybody willing my to help ? :rolleyes:

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try this link. maybe it helps you in some way


Just FYI, these calculators often estimate very high. Full load measured with a Kill-A-Watt on my Q6600 system is ~276W DC. That calculator put it at 375W. For my Opteron 148 system, the Kill-A-Watt says ~179W for full load, the calculator says 364W.

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