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please help me solve my pc/ps3/monitor audio setup prob.

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ok, I just bought a new 23 inch acer monitor (OMG LOVE IT, WAAAY better then my basic 15inch gateway lcd lol)


but anyways, I have my acer monitor plugged into my computer using the dvi cable and then using the hdmi port on the monitor going to my ps3. The thing is, is the monitors speakers are...pretty below average. But I have some logitech x540 5.1 speakers plugged into my pc which sound amazing. Im trying to think of a way I get get the HDMI quality on my PS3 but my 5.1 that are in pc on my ps3.


The BIGGEST thing is, I don't want to have to constantly switch back and forth with plug on the speakers to change back and forth between ps3 and pc. maybe some splitter/switch? IDK.


Also my graphics card has a HDMI slot along with the DVI im using.


Thanks. I hope its possible lol.

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Do you have an optical digital audio input on the soundcard or motherboard?


If you want to use analogue input only speakers (like yours) you need to decode the digital audio either in a soundcard or soundchip (motherboard). This way, the sound can be converted to multichannel analogue, and then passed out to your speakers.


The alternates are either buying speakers or receiver/speakers with optical input, or a very elaborate soundcard with HDMI input (e.g. Asus Xonar HDAV1.3)

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