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HD 4890 / Case Delima !!

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So my NZXT Duet case has been sporting a 8800 GTS for almost 1.5 years and its been giving me some issues so I decided to upgarde to the HD 4890 - what I didnt no is that the card is an inch bigger and in no way possible can it fit in this case ( it fits but no way to plug it in with the power supply being so close ) - I really liked this case alot even customized it to have a hole for a fan on top and even put a temp gauge to always tell me what my cpu temp is. But I wouldnt mind a new project ---


So Should I sell the Video card and maybe this case to get a new one so that I can use this HD 4890 or do I just send the card back and look up other card dimensions?


-- any help would be great :)! !!!

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Get a new case, I always knew those cases with front mount psu's were a bad idea. It looks like it would make a great case for a home theater setup tho.

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