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PC reboots after 10 minutes of playing

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One of my clan-mates is having an issue with his computer (which is two years old & from IBuyPower).


Basically, after 10 minutes or so of playing Counter-Strike: Source, his computer gets a black screen and restarts. Anyway, I tried to help him as best as I can (he's a bit computer illiterate).


I told him to run Furmark, and he went up to 107 C and stayed there (with an 8800GT). Those temps are pretty high, but he didn't crash.


I told him to run Memtest, zero errors.


I told him to download RealTemp and tell me idle temperatures. 97 C / 101 C. I'm assuming it's a dead sensor.


Then it popped into my head that he had the computer for two years and hasn't done any maintenance, so it's probably dusty inside. I told him to blow out the dust and he has done so... still don't know if it works or not.


Any other ideas for the meantime?

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is the fan on the graphics card running correctly? always worth checking it's not blocked with temps like that.


Temps aren't too high. My HD4850 runs slightly higher than that.


It's probably crammed full of dust in every heat sink. Go crazy on it with a can of compressed air. :D


Haha, problem solved.


He said he never saw so much dust in his life and that now he can feel the air from his case against his legs.


It works now.

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Lol damn 107C on a 4850 is like a bit above thermal limit. I think they can handle around 100C but still I've my 4870s up to 106C and at the point re-applied thermal compound to fix the problem.

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