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Ultra PSUs-a bargain or a paperweight?

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So I was looking around to get a slight upgrade on my current PSU ( an Apevia 500w that i wish I didn't buy) My case is loud as it is so I'm not too worried about noise. I don't need anything too high end either, main reqs are that it has an EPS 12v connector and has enough grunt to drive an e8500, a few HDDs, and an ATI 4850. So far I'm thinkin that the

http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_galle...p;productID=660 is the best deal around ($46 at a local store). So i suppose what I'm asking is A: are Ultra's PSUs any good? and B: is there anything better in the <$70 range?


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not sure about that psu, havn't heard of that brand prior to reading your post and didn't see any specifications on the link above...


wouldn't use it though, and you shouldn't either... that one is probably not much more than a paperweight...


a psu is the last thing that corners should be cut on when building or upgrading a computer as it's what drives all of the components in the system... if it fails, the chances are high that it will take other, more expensive components with it...


possibly making them into paperweights as well.


if you're running a basic rig, with just one video card, this is probably one of the best psu's you will find for the money... corsair is a very well know brand and is excellent quality.


plus after rebate, it should be slightly cheaper in price than the one you linked... free shipping option is available too at the moment.


this one is even better, if you're willing to spend a little extra for something that should last quite awhile... perhaps atleast for a possible future single gpu upgrade, instead of having to upgrade psu's everytime you wanna put in a new video card... this one could even handle 4850's in crossfire if you can go that route later on...


it's absolutely worth it, believe me.



here is a nice tutorial on power supplies that should help you out as well.

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The LS series of power supplies from Ultra aren't to bad. Should be ok for the rig you described depending on what wattage of unit to get from the LS line. There could be better units for a better price though.

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Ultra PSUs under 100$ are paperweights at best, their higher end models are however quite good.


Here are some much better choices:

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 420W - 50$ <-- may sound like very little wattage, but it'll run the system no problem :)

OCZ StealthXStream 500W - 50$ after 10$ MIR

Enermax Tomahawk 500W 40$ after 25$ MIR

Seasonic SS-500ET 500W - 66$


Either of those will be good, the 420W PCP&C will be fine to run your system, it probably won't cut it for any major upgrades though. The Seasonic and the Enermax should be OK even if you run 4850's in CrossFire sometime down the road.

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Ditto on what King says...


although i do have several Ultra PSUs in service and they have all been good...like the X2 and X3 units...


and the PSU in my HTPC is a 400watt Ultra unit (the black one)


the ones King listed would be the best route...

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