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Yes, now they've solved one and only problem that plagues those with senility or Alzheimer's during shopping. Navigation. :rolleyes:


My grandmother is getting to this point, so I see it first hand. She is a lovely woman and I truly love her, but she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. She calls me by the wrong name, steals things from my parents' house when she visits and doesn't remember why when confronted, tells us stories about how her and grandpa drove from the Bahamas to Africa, and generally doesn't remember conversations that happened more than a few minutes previous.


Is it just me, or is encouraging these people to "get out more" not the step we should be taking? I don't mean to be heartless or cruel but truthfully I worry that if my grandma ever got access to the car keys we've taken from her secretly she might not come back.


I'm all for helping these people but I don't think this is the direction it should be going. I think there's a point that these people reach where encouraging self-reliance is the wrong step. My mother found folded laundry in my grandmother's oven the other day. Should she really be cooking? Like, with fire?

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My grandmother's at the same point. Doesn't remember the last time I spoke to her...asks the same questions four times in a five minute conversation...forgets to take her pills...etc etc.


She's signed up for some service that brings her a weekly food basket for dinners. My mom does her grocery shopping, and stops by her house usually at least once a week, not just to bring groceries but more importantly to refill her pill boxes, which are clearly labeled by day and time (breakfast,lunch,dinner,night). My mom also calls her constantly to remind her to take her pills and make sure she's eating at the appropriate times. And my mom takes her to most of her doctor appts.


A few weeks ago, my mom calls and there's no answer...she tries back 5 mins later and still nothing...then 5 mins later and still nothing. Calls her tenant and has her check...no lights are on. So my parents hop in the car to drive over there. While they're out...about 10 mins later I get a call from her tenant saying my grandmother is back...she went out without telling anyone. Brilliant.


Anywho, I'm with you Verran. We shouldn't be encouraging the elderly to go out more. If they can't navigate a store on their own, they shouldn't be out and about.

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I agree with you guys, if you can not navigate a grocery isle you should not be GOING TO THE GROCERY!!


If they have a hard time navigating "isles of food" then how in the effing hell did they get to the store to begin with?



I mean like you guys said I ave no ill feelings towards old people but there comes a time when you need to take responsibility and decide not to do things anymore, not only you but your care givers as well...


None of my grandparents are this way yet and my great grandfather drove to church everyday (he even chopped his own firewood up until he was 89) and did all his own shopping too.


Unfortunately some people are just susceptible to Alzheimers an senility at a younger age then others...



I'm on the road all day and one pet peeve of mine (hooray for a random liberal thought from a conservative) happens all the time.

Old people who shouldn't even be driving at all who drive around in huge butt suburbans, tahoes, explorers, hummers, big butt pickup trucks, land yachts, etc.


These people have a hard enough time walking... Do they really need to be driving a huge vehicle?

Of course I'm not going to implicate that they don't have the right to drive whatever they want but FFS (facial feminization surgery :lol: ) some of them couldn't possibly be able to see over the entirety of the hood...



Thats why I'm an advocate of relicensing.

One major test to get your license the first time and then every 10 years you should be REQUIRED to take a smaller followup test up until the age of 65 (average retirement age?) where it then goes every 5 years after that...

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