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Recommended Reading for OC Beginners?


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I just joined the site today because I'm going to be building a new machine in the next month or two, and have decided to OC my CPU and GPU's. After reading through some of the threads and not being able to understand some of the terminology you guys are throwing around, I realize that I need to get me some edumacation on OC'ing before I start, or even before I decide what chip and MB to buy.


Can someone recommend some good source material for a noob OC'er? A little about my skill level... There's a lot I don't know about computer science but, have a BS in electrical engineering so I understand the basics of how they work... I built both of my current PC's but, didn't try to hot-rod anything.

I build and repair custom high-end industrial computers for a living, and I'm accustomed to following complicated procedures and instructions so, I don't quite need "Overclocking for Dummies" but, I do need something that's not so technical that it takes a computer scientist to understand it.


So, anybody got a favorite overclocking guide? I need to get hip!

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