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error message on boot up "cannot find graphics card info"

Guest udoshia

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Guest udoshia

every time i log on i get one beep and a error message on desktop "cannot find graphics card information"

i have installed drivers and it shows they are installed

I went to futuremark and ran mark 5 it ran......there was framing and choppy movement intermittemly but it ran future mark recognized card but no other info about card just the name everything else said unknown

I have had it for about 2 months ....i bought all the parts fro a new system at the same time

windows xp pro

motherboard ASUS P6T Deluxe

processor Intel core i7-940 2,93 ghz

memory 3 gb of corsair 1333mhz 1024 i have 3gb

video card evga geforce GTX 285

i kept my 3 western digitl raptors 76 gb ea

i kept 2 plextor DVD CD rewriteable

and PSU thermatake 700 watt power i kepti

I replaced the power adaptor and switched around

reinstalled driver

checked bios for and errors

i use windopws xp

i have contacted motherboard mfg and no response

U get framing in games and stalls but not all the time


its all new so it must be a simple solution

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is this card overclocked at all? have you overclocked it personally?


most likely, you should start from scratch with the installation.


like the poster above stated... are you sure it's seated correctly in the correct #1 position slot? are there more than one pci-e x16 slots on the board? you may wanna consult the motherboard manual.


anyway, if not, it's probably a driver problem... perhaps just uninstall the current driver and reboot...


let windows install the initial driver it finds, and then go to the nvidia website and download the current driver for your operating system (you're not using drivers off of a install disk are you? if so, you should go to the nvidia website and get the most current driver... could be the issue as well)...


then install the newest driver and reboot again, and you should be good to go.


also, please note that if there was some sort of internal problem, windows may have shut down the pci-e slot that the card may be installed in, in order to prevent damage to the system (had this not too long ago on a pci slot for a sound card...simply pulled the card out and put it back in...pc off and unplugged of course...turned the pc back on and things worked fine...however, if there is a serious problem with the system and not just an overclocking issue or other mishap, then this could cause serious damage).

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