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Sup gents :)


I have some old crap that needs to go.... And of course I have to give OCC first dibs on my old CRAP!


I've pulled apart some servers I had laying around, let's see if someone can use any of this misc outdated crap.


UPDATED 12/23/09


1. SB Audugy SE SB0570 - Shipping

2. Intel P3-933mhz 256m 133fsb 1.7v w/ voltage regulator for server applications. $7 + Shipping ( x2 )

3. nVidia Vanta-16 16m AGP Graphics Card - Shipping

4. HP 9.1g 10k Ultra3 SCSI Harddrive PN#9P4001-051 ( x2 ) $10+Shipping

5. Compaq 18.2g 10k Wide Ultra2 SCSI Harddrive PN#127980-001( x5 ) $10+Shipping ( will remove hotswap cage )

6. Hyundai 128MB 133MHz ECC SDRAM CL3 PN#HYM7V73AC1601 - Shipping

7. 256MB 168pin PC133 ECC Registered 3.3V SDRAM DIMM PN#D2866A ( x2 ) - Shipping

8. 128MB 168pin PC133 ECC Registered 3.3V SDRAM DIMM PN#D8265A - Shipping


Also I have the following in a server I've yet to disassemble ( I have no pics )

- 4x - P3-500 Xeon Processors $7+Shipping ea.

- more memory similar to above but larger amounts.



-P3-500 / 512 / 100 / 2.0v CPU

-ATI Rage 128 VGA 8MB AGP Video Card

-1x512mb SimpleTech DDR2-5300 ( Exact timings I'm unsure of. It does say CL5 on it )

-Dynex DX-E201 PCMCIA 32-bit 10/100 NIC

-Linksys WPC11v.4 PCMCIA Wless B NIC


Fine Print

All shipping charges will be exact. USPS Priority from 58504. Any items that are not priced before "Shipping" Are shipping costs only and any donation on such items would be greatly appreciated. All items are in good working condition at time of removal unless otherwise specified.









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