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Best Price/Performance Case Under $100?

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I have heard good things about this one


I don't think that's what he's after at all!

OP "I like a clean, minimalist look; which is why I would pay a little more for a Lian-Li.

I think cases with shiny plastic and gaudy lights are tacky and overdone."


My vote is the Lancool, but pretty much anything from Lian Li will make you happy - once you buy one you really see why people are fans, the build quality is exceptional.


These are great if you like minimal, but can be small for some people?


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I've heard good things about the antec 300, no info personaly though. Right now I'm using a stacker CM830, not bad for a budget case :blink: and I just ordered a TT Kandalf, hopefully it's worth $350.


I also recently had a TT armor and i was a pretty stellar case for $119CAD.

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Omaura TF 11 or TF 8

Most people don't know about them here in the US I was lucky enough to find a guy on ebay that was selling it from the uk my tf8 is gorgeous and I'm dieing to find a TF 11 but the company just recently shut down but the quality of the cases are perfect you'll probably fall in love like I did !

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If you're looking for a large case, I can highly recommend the Chieftec Mesh / Bravo / Uni Bigtower cases...


The Bravo is $91 @ Newegg


They are built as strong as high-end server cases, with extremely hard steel, so if you want a simple, solid, industrial-strength case for <$100, consider Chieftec

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