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Where you buy computer parts


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Hey guys.


Anyway today I received an order from a relatively unkown website, and I found the service and everything to be great. So I thought I would compile a sort of list of all of the good sites where you guys have purchased from and really liked the service. Please list the website, and the country they are based in/ship to.


I will start with a Couple.




Directcanada.com : I bought a ThermalRight TRUE 120 from here. The prices are cheaper than the rest (in my case it saved me 10$), and they have an outstanding shipping rate of 10$ for anything under 5 pounds. Not only is this shipping cheap, it has a 3 day guarantee (Mine came in 2 days, will def buy again from this site)


Newegg.ca - Great site to buy from, great service and fast shipping, but the shipping here costs A LOT (It cost me 80$ in S/H to get my GTX 260)


Canadacomputers.com : Great store to buy locally, I think it is the US equivalent of a fry's/microcenter.








Post yours ! Hopefully this will get stickied :D . Also to the mods, sorry if this is the wrong section.

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