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Possible show cancellations


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The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)



That sucks if some of those get canceled...



Fringe was pretty good, I didn't catch every episode but from what I saw it was good.

Dollhouse was "okay" but Its no Firefly. :P

T:TSCC was tolerable, the episodes were hit and miss, overall I'd say it was pretty good.

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I'd definitely miss Chuck.


Life is a good show. I never saw season 1 but season 2 was good.


Fringe is interesting but just hasn't drawn me in.


Dollhouse is getting better. I'd like to see it continue.


Terminator: TSCC is okay. Some episodes are good some are not. Wouldn't bother me if it got cancelled.


Kings. Still a bit early to tell if it's going to be good. At this point I don't really care one way or the other though.

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The only two of those shows I've ever heard of are Chuck and Terminator. Never seen an episode of Terminator, but I have seen several episodes of Chuck. I stopped watching it after Circuit City went under because it reminded me too much of the store :(

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man, I love chuck! great show with awesome characters! I really hope it makes it.


my roommate would be pissed if it gets the axe, Every monday night, he watches Chuck and Heroes without fail. we aren't even allowed to change the channel or do dishes during that hour and a half, in case he misses some dialogue lol!

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1. "Chuck"

- Love this show and Yvonne is super hot.


2. "Life"

- Never watched it.


3. "Fringe"

- Great show, hope it stays.


4. "Better Off Ted"

- Haven't watched it yet...have it on DVR


5. "Dollhouse"

- It's a decent show, but if it has to get cut, so be it...I'd rather have the other FOX shows, Fringe & Terminator


6. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

- Great show...better than I thought it would be, and I definitely hope it stays. Also, two words: Summer Glau


7. "Kings"

- It's merely okay....it'll probably get the axe, and I won't really care.


8. "Rock of Love"

- Never watched it.


9. "Celebrity Apprentice"

- I love the Apprentice! I'd rather have the regular (non-celeb) Apprentice, but I like them both.


10. "Southland"/"The Unusuals"

- Only been one episode for each of these shows. Southland just aired tonight...I thought it was actually pretty good...better than I thought it'd be. The Unusuals was decent enough that I'll watch it again next week, but I'm not sure about that one just yet.

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