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new worthy benchmark program found

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i have had multiple problems with testing out my system and what not with this benchmark it seems the 2d Graphics test is heavily variable and can sometimes for no reason provide a marginally larger score or even randomly a much lower score on about 2 out of 10 occasions. i have done a lot of testing and it seems sometimes this program responds oddly and give odd results one time i hit 5000points and i could not believe it ran it again 5 more times each resulting in a score of 2200 points +/- about 5. i need to find a really reliable and good bench marking prog that is free and has some good solid testing/results when it comes to ram speeds as i am going through all my ram timings and fiddling at the moment and i need to be able to know my benchmark wont give me results slower then the previous when i know i increased the speed of my ram.


so all in all sometimes the results are extremely unstable even the CPU and Disk benches can change so much for no reason then run again at a normal rate (normal being a more common result over the amounts of finished tests/odd results.


if anyone can explain this or point me to a good stable benchmarking program thats free with a lot of good solid Ram and CPU benching please do! dose anyone else have phenomena like this?

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Plus a touch pad = super bad at ut2004 demo lol!!!!!

I beat you :D


Using an Athlon Neo downclocked to 800MHz and an X1270 forced into power saving mode. :P Although I have an X25-M in there...

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