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Recently there has been a growing problem in the Forums, News Comments, and Chat that shouldn't need to be, but apparently needs to be addressed.


OverclockersClub has prided ourselves on taking in new people, and offering help to everyone from the newest of newbs to the highest experts, however recently the level of help provided had dropped. This isn't to say that people aren't providing help, but often someone will have to read through several messages that are irrelevant, useless, or off topic.


The off topic post are less bothersome, as usually a post doesn't go off topic till after the initial question has been answered. In situations where a post goes off topic before the question is answered the OCC staff will usually try and clean up the thread (we aren't always able to get everything though). If a comment someone makes takes you onto a discussion that is different from the original post/topic, it would be best if you created a new thread to talk about the new topic, this leaves the original thread of discussion of only what it was originally intended for.


One of the main problems that we are having usually starts when someone will ask about ATI, nVidia, Intel, or AMD. The thread will start out something like, "Which of these Intel boards are best?" and the next several replies will be "Intel sucks", "I don't use Intel", or something similar. Everyone has their own opinion on these 4 companies, and you are entitled to your own opinion, but if someone is asking for information on an Intel board and you don't like Intel, keep it to yourself. There was a post not to long ago where someone was asking for opinions on 4 different motherboards, the thread had 2 pages worth of replies to it, out of which only 2 post were of any use to the person asking the question. This is uncalled for and unhelpful.


To allow everyone to express their opinions on "AMD vs Intel" and "ATi vs nVidia" two separate threads will be created. In the CPU forum there will be a pinned topic for "AMD vs Intel" and in the Video forum there will be a pinned topic to discuss "ATi vs nVidia". These two threads will be the only ones allowed for such discussions. Future topic related to this will be deleted. Hopefully, this will cut down on the number of repetitive threads, and thread hijacking.


Topics comparing two (or more) processors or video cards, such as "What's better 9800 XT or FX 5750", are still welcome in their own thread. The new, pinned threads will be more for why you like one over the other.


The last issue that we have been having is more of an "attitude" issue with some members. There have been a growing number of instances where people are flaming (bashing, name calling, etc) other members. This may be allowed at other sites/forums, but it will not be tolerated here ? This is why it was put in the rules. In the past several months, user attitude has caused us to suspend several members' accounts. While we regret having to ban anyone, we will not tolerate abusive actions.


We want to keep OverclockersClub a friendly and informative place, but we need help from everyone to make that happen.




Overclockers Club Staff

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