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2500+ Or 2600+ To Oc To 3200?


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I want to overclock an AMD system to a 3200. The price difference between a 2500+ and a 2600+ is only like 15 bucks.




1. Will the 2600+ OC to 3200 just as well as a 2500+?

2. How much more stable/cool will the 2600+ be than the 2500+?




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Both will do it, but the 2500 has more cache and a barton core which runs cooler. So, either will work, but the 2500 has more cache

I don't understand what you mean about more cache. I'm looking at the specs of both on newegg.com, and they look identical except for the frequency. Are their specs wrong, or what am I missing?


2500+ :



2600+ :







OK, now I see this 2600+ Athlon "MP" with Thoroughbred core:




Compared to the 2600+ "XP", it runs at 2.13 instead of 1.9, has 266 FSB instead of 333, 256K L2 cache instead of 512, and is about $40 more.


I want to run it overclocked to 3200 with dual-channel DDR 400 RAM. With the 2600+ MP, what difference will the 266 FSB and half the L2 cache make?


Price aside (all three are within $60), which of these is the best to reliably overclock to the equivalent of a 3200?




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