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Looking for a Mini laptop

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I am looking for a mini laptop, like an EeePC or the HP one. I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with these types of laptops. Newegg has them listed as Netbooks.


I am wondering if these can run Divx movies. After looking though, I am not sure if I want SSD or a normal HD. ( I will be using external storage to watch movies)



I am taking this over to the sandbox, so I hope it will be durable.


I would post some links, but I am in a netcafe and internet explorer is giving me a huge headache.

I am also looking to take some college classes, and I am wondering how the keyboard is to write essays.


Also, I want to know the extent of gaming on the laptop. I am not expecting to play any recent game, but i would like to play Diablo 2 when i am extremely bored.


Thanks for any help on this, I wont be able to check this topic for a week or so. But, it will get checked.

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It might be useful to know that later this year, there should be netbooks using the Ion platform from NVIDIA, that is an Intel Atom coupled with a 9400M instead of the usual GMA950. :)


There is also a 12.1" HP coming, equipped with an Athlon Neo and ATI graphics.


I don't have any date about these, though. :(

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If your not in a big rush to get one. I would suggesting waiting until Nvidia Ion netbooks come out for sale. They said they would have about $50 higher price than current netbooks, but they have a much more graphical power than all the current netbooks.




Nvidia Ion Features:

* Premium Windows experience

* Premium DirectX 10 graphics with advanced digital display connectivity


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