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Dual-channel Ddr 400 And Non-agp Graphics?

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I am wanting to build a dual-channel DDR-400 system. I was looking at the ASUS A7N8X motherboard.


However, I saw the following comment at this link on the ASUS site ( http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socketa/a7...vm/overview.htm )



"Dual-channel DDR400 requires an AGP graphics card. Dual-channel DDR333/266/200 supported with AGP or integrated graphics."



What does this statement mean? I want to run three monitors on three non-AGP cards (3 cards or 2 plug integrated video). Will this prevent me from using or taking advantage of the dual DDR-400?




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First off the VM only supports 333FSB CPUs and 400mhz DDR.


By this the onboard graphics will only work with DDR 333 or PC 2700 RAM because a portion of the RAM is used for the integrated video. Your PC 3200 or DDR 400 will only run at 2700 speed while using onboard graphics. So all this means is that you can't run at 400FSB or use DDR400 at its full speed while using the onboard vid. If you want to use the 400mhz DDR or run your proc at 400 fsb (though its not rated to 400 the Nforce2 chipset that the board uses is so I don't see why it couldn't get there) you have to get a seperate AGP card. I think that covers it...



EDIT AHHHH :repost::repost::repost: I'll copy and paste into the other topic as it alreasy has a response

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