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Will this take off?

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I'm not sure if this has been posted here before.


New Service Aims To Replace Consoles With Cloud Gaming

"Imagine playing bleeding-edge games, yet never again upgrading your hardware. That's the ambitious goal of OnLive's Internet delivered gaming service. Using cloud computing, OnLive's goal is to 'make all modern games playable on any system,' thanks in large part to OnLive's remote servers that do all the heavy lifting. With a fast enough Internet connection, gamers can effectively stream and play games using a PC, Mac, or a 'MicroConsole,' 'a dedicated gaming client provided by OnLive that includes a game controller.' Without ever having to worry about costly hardware upgrades or the cost of a next-gen console, gamers can expect to fork over about $50 yearly just for the service. If this thing takes off, this can spell trouble for gaming consoles down the road, especially if already-established services like Steam and Impulse join the fray."




If this does take off, and if they can support 1080-res this would be a huge blow for the future of gaming hardware as we know it. Ofcourse people would still buy vid cards for normal purposes, but the need for high end cards (mobos+gpu) would seize.

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