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Memory Help Needed

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Hi all


I have a NF7-S motherboard im wanting to put more memory in i have 2 X 256 xms 3500 at the moment I want to make it up to 1024 MB what would be the best way to do this


2 X 256 + 1 X 512 of XMS 3500




2 X 512 of XMS 3500


I still want to run as dual memory will it if i just get a 512 stick as that will mean all three memory slots are being used

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Yeah, it will run fine with all three filled. The only reason there aren't 4 slots (like on dual-channel p4 boards) is because the athlon can only address 3 slots of ram. For best performance, put the 2x256 sticks on one channel and the 512 alone on the other.

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