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i think my multiplier is locked ????????it will let me change it in genie bios but i dnt know if it stays that way i have it now at 185xdefault i dnt know wat that is it is running at something like 2.08 ghz. it reads it as a 3200 but i dnt think that is a 3200????? i am new too overclocking i would like it if someone gave me some step by step instructions so i could overclock my cpu so it owuld stay stable all the time. i also have 2 120mm fans in my case and i am addid 2 80mm in the top of the case above the cpu ../... thx for the help

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Ok... couldn't make a whole lot out of your topic other than the "gave me some step by step instructions so i could overclock my cpu".


Overclocking FAQ


You are the only person that is going to be able to tell when your system is stable. I can't just pull out a number and say set the system to xxx FSB and you will have a stable overclock. Eash system is different, and trial and error is the only way to go.


The 2500+ is a 1.83Ghz proc

The 2800+ is a 2.083Ghz proc

The 3200+ is a 2.20Ghz proc


If you are running at 2.08Ghz, you are at the equivelant of a 2.083Ghz. This does not make it a 2800+ only equivelant in processor speed.


CPU speed is determined by:

Multiplier x FSB


Using that formula:

11 x 166Mhz = 1826Mhz or 1.826Ghz (1.83Ghz)

11 x 189Mhz = 2079Mhz or 2.079Ghz (2.08Ghz)

11 x 200Mhz = 2200Mhz or 2.20Ghz

14 x 133Mhz = 1862Mhz or 1.86Ghz

14 x 166Mhz = 2324Mhz or 2.324Ghz


That should give you an example of how multiplier and fsb play into CPU speed.


As far as steps to overclock, they are pretty well outlined in the Overclocking FAQ as well as countless threads here in this forum. A brief recap:

- Enter BIOS

- Change FSB (1-5Mhz @ a time)

- Boot to windows

- Stress test

- Repeat

When the system become unstable, lower the FSB or increase the vCore.

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