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Vacuum Cleaner Cooling Video Card!!!

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W3lc0m3 t0 th3 0cc.


That is one of the strangest ways of cooling a video card I've seen.




Great job for trying it :D


Will it be permanent?


That thing is so loud and does such a bad job a delta GFB will be cheaper, quieter, and stronger...except if you stick your fingers in there...

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you might want to try turning the lights on in your room before you shoot your next video.






Welcome to OCC and remember, DTTL!



It's good to know I haven't been forgotten. Thanks Savan:)


I hope to be back here as soon as I'm able to afford some shiny new parts and get back in the OCing game. For the moment though, I still have the same rig in my sig, and go back into hiding. :rolleyes:

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