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Good grades = car

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Eh, manuals are totally not worth it. They're fun for about five minutes and after that you realize how much of a pain they are. The only benefit to getting a manual is that you never have to worry about other people driving it as they won't know how.


If this is going to be a car you'll be keeping for a while, then I would highly suggest you get an automatic; you'll thank yourself when you're driving home late at night and tired as hell and the last thing on your mind is shifting gears.

spoken like a true non-car enthusiast.



Don't listen, get a stick shift car -- I promise youll only hate it in traffic but youll be 100% glad you learned.

Look for 350z's, G35's, S2000's, A 90's trans am, cobra, an 01+ M3....depends on your style.


the new camaro is . if thatll be in your budget



Your 15?


get a old 240sx, or some other beater.

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or some other beater.




Ohhhhh so sexah!

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