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an This Antec Neo HE 430Watts handle core i7??

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Hey, Iam building a new PC and I was wondering if this Antec Neo HE 430W handle the core i7 I'am building. Here are the specs


Intel Core i7 920

Asus P6T deluxe

G.Skill F3-12800 CL9T 3GB

2 Seagate Hard drives (250 gb x 150 gb)

1 External Hard drive (250 gb)

Dvd-r Writer

Xifi sound blaster

Geforce 7600 gs

Coolermaster Cm 690

Stock Fan


Well Iam kinda short on cash, and iam planning to buy a new graphics card and a new PSU later on ,, but until then can my antec PSU support this system ,,



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It should work fine. Depending on the video card you upgrade to it could even still be used. My Shuttle in my sig has a 400w psu and handles a 4Ghz dual core and 8800gtx perfectly.

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