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Maze 3 Final Works Sort Of Right


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As I stated somewhere else around here, I have a MAze 3 on a 2500+ thats been runing for about a year now. I had tryed a few different radiators and ended up with a black ice after I kind of destoried the chevy radiator it was runing on by a stupid move on my part lol a hammer a threw bolt and a radiator dont mix :/ I also had tryed a VIA pump 2 times first one leaked abit which I fixed then it started making a ton of noise about a week later so I bought another one, second one never leaked but it to got loud after a week so I sent them both back RMA and got new ones. While they were being LOST in RMA land I bought a Hydro and installed it, no noise no leaks :D AFTER all this and changing to hurrican force winds fans the temp was still 45C under load and I said hell with it tell I read a post here about water line routing which I hadnt really thought about DOH. I am here to tell you IT DOES make a difference, I dropped almost 6C under load while adding .1 volt to the vcore at the same time. This might still be high but the rig is running at 2273mhz, not bad for a 2500+. It may go higher but that older board tops out at 200 FSB.

Im happy and for the others out there thinking of runing on water, make sure to come from radiator straight to the cpu then the holding tank or pump.

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