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Advice on i7 system build please...


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I am going to upgrade my old Pentium 4 pc which was used in a home recording studio primarily with Cubase SX for audio production and other audio applications for audio editing etc.

I do use the odd video editing and the only game that will play on this system is Flight SimX with high settings if possible.

I have decided to go with a Core i7 PC which I will self build. My decision to get an an i7 system is so that I do not need to upgrade for the next few years and whatever I am running now will be quick and smooth.


Here is what I have chosen so far:


Processor: Core i7 - 920 2.66ghz,

Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe

CPU Cooler: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme or Thermalright TRUE Copper 120mm

Storage Drives: 1x WD 1TB Cavier Black for Samples/Audio and 1x Seagate 1.5TB for storage. I will also use my old Seagate 750GB and Maxtor 300GB drives.


I need some advice on the following:


Case: Antec 1200 Case (I like this case because it has good reviews about its cooling but I know it may be noisier as it doesn’t have sound proofing. Cooling is more important.)


Memory: Corsair XMS TR3X3G1333C9 (3GB) (I will be running Windows XP 32bit as it is more compatible with my audio software / drivers etc. I am also waiting for Windows 7 so should I just stick with the 3GB? I do not intend to overclock for now)


Graphics: Geforce GTX 260 (Not sure which is the best brand? Was looking at XFX?) (I do not want to use my old 9800XT!!)


System Drives: Velociraptor 300GB (I have heard that this drive runs hot and can be noisy, is this true? Would I see a greater speed benefit using the Velociraptor? I do have two older 36GB and 74GB WD Raptor drives. Installation of the OS and applications on this drive)


PSU: Corsair HX620 or HX1000 (I intend to have at least 4/5 hard drives + the GTX260, Which will be sufficient??)


Monitors: I would like to run 2 20’/22’ monitors which again will be mainly for use with Cubase Sequencer software and for Flight SimX. Any good recommendations??


Optical Drive: I am out of the loop with DVD burners so please could you advise on which one comes highly recommended for good burns? It will also need to be able to read and write to DVD ram discs.


Operating System: Windows XP Professional 32bit with the possibility of dual booting into Leopard.


Lots of questions so your advice and opinions on this would be great!!


Thank you very much…

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This is the machine I tentatively put together to build.... Until I had to buy the wife a new car...





It's a little on the Future-Proof side B:) As soon as we get rid of her leased car, I'll be getting this machine together B:)


Wow!! that is very close to my spec.

Looks like I have selected some good parts then.



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i guess if you know you will be sticking with 32 bit then get 3GB is fine, otherwise a 6x2gb kit would be preferred


the velociraptor isn't much faster (if at all) to a nice newer 7200rpm big drive like a 640+GB drive. I wish I could find the review that has 1TB drives keeping right up with the VelociRaptors and beating old raptors. So I'd say get a nice Caviar Black, Seagate Barracuda 7200.11/12, or Samsung Spinpoint F1 (or run a small pair of 80GB SSD's or something)


For all those components, you can happily skate by with a quality 600W (or in the Corsair instance:620W, and PC Power and Cooling instance:610W)


as for the 260GTX just make sure you get a core 216 and then find the cheapest one you can get (and post it if you are unsure). Actually a 4870 might be a better option if you are thinking of doing casual gaming since it trades blows with the 260 and is cheaper (512MB) and about the same price if you get the 1GB model.


I'd recommend Samsung, LG, and Plextor/Pioneer drives from personal experience (and also will say to stay clear of Lite-On drives, I've seen 3 die in both a computer of my own and two computers I built for friends)


Note with the TRUE copper, you may have to buy a 1366 mounting bracket since the Copper TRUE came out before the i7's did.


and a good welcome to you sir!! :D

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