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Help My Wireless Network!

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K for christmas i got a SMC SMC7004VWBR wireless router and a pci wireless card. Both are 802.11b so only 11mbs:( but stilll awesome.

I hooked it all up and everything works fine, but at random times my whole network stops for like 10 or 15 seconds, if im playing mohaa or cod or bf1942, it just shows my ping go to 999 then i die. usually in a chopper or something:(

But yah, when i host games and this happens it cuts off all the people in my server. Now i directly connected my cable modem to my comp and the problem was gone, so i know its this crap router. Anyone know what might be doing it???

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Are you overclocking your FSB?!? My Dlink wireless card DOES NOT LIKE the fsb overclocks AT ALL!! And I'm talking 137 fsb. The sucker will just NOT CONNECT if I have it set to to 137 fsb.

Also, cheap routers suck.

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