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Disassembled My Pc, Reassembled... Won't Boot.


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Basically, I did some wire management on my Antec 900 case and now that I have everything back in the case it will not boot up into windows. It basically starts up, recognizes the hard drive and dvd drive, then right before the screen where the windows load bar appears, well, it doesn't happen. The screen remains black and does nothing. I'm sure it is something that I have done wrong reassembling the PC. I made sure to use my motherboard manual for all the wire connections etc. not just going off of my memory. I could probably retrace my steps and find out where the problem is, but I am really tired right now and don't feel like doing more work after 5 hours of disassembly and reassembly lol. Does anyone know what would cause windows to stop loading/booting up? Thanks guys :thumbs-up:

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