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Building A Bootable Usb Drive

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Hey guys I'm having some problems with my USB drive. I want to set up a thumb drive so that I can boot and install vista off of it but I cant get it to work. There is no easy option like formatting from "My Computer" and selecting "Make bootable" like in the past.


I've tried using DISKPART to clean, format, add and activate a partition


I've used BOOTSECT with " bootsect g: /nt60"


I've tried copying the files loaded onto a floppy disk when formatted as a boot disk


I've tried using the Windows PE files copied onto the drive


And of course I originaly tried copying the setup files onto the drive


Nothing works. The only time I get an option in the bootloader for "USB storage device" is when I leave my USB-floppy drive plugged in and re-boot, then press F12 for the one-time boot menu. If I select USB storage device the system appears to access the USB drive, it says "Loading windows files" or something on the bottom of the screen, goes to the screen with the moving bar accross the bottom just before vista and then BSOD.


This is getting very frustrating!


I'm doing this on my dell inspiron 1720 with vista home premium currently installed. I would just like to upgrade to vista ultimate without wiping everything clean. Oh yeah, I go through the entire setup process just fine when run from within vista or XP but of course there is no upgrade option unless you boot from the DVD.


Any Ideas? Oh, I also can't boot off the DVD

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